The Hungarian Mandalorian’s Armor is Ready – 2 Years of Work Behind It!

A Hungarian fan worked on the Mandalorian costume for more than 2 years, which will now be presented at the premiere of the new season. Hand-stitched leather, 3D printing and aluminum cartridges make up the amazingly detailed and realistic armor.


Gergely Zsikla, the obsessed Star Wars fan, has been cosplaying for ten years. During the first season, he started working on his Mandalorian costume, which took two years to complete. The unique and complex costume details include hand-stitched leather, aluminum cartridges and 3D printed armor pieces. The result is a fully detailed and realistic armor that looks similar to the original Mandalorian costume in the film.

The new Mandalorian costume was presented by Gergely at the premiere of the third season of Mandalorian organized by Premier Kultcafé. Fans welcomed the appearance of the armor with great joy. Gergely has already used the completed costume to bring smiles to the faces of sick children. As a local member of the 501st Legion, Gergely and other fans participate in charity events around the world to connect with fellow Star Wars fans and help the community.

Making a costume like this is a long and detailed process, and in the end you end up with something that fully matches every little detail of movie-faithful cosplay. The finished costume determines exactly how every detail should be, so that the costume’s wearer resembles the original movie character as much as possible.

After the presentation of the new costume, Gergely was happy to join the fans to celebrate the premiere of the new Mandalorian season. The new Mandalorian costume is another opportunity for Gergely and fans to show how much they love Star Wars and the Mandalorian series.

The third season of The Mandalorian tells the continuation of the story of Din Djarin and the child Grogu. The first episode of the eight-episode Emmy®-winning series will be available starting March 1, exclusively on Disney+.

Source: Noguchi

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