Suicide Squad Game: What On Earth Could A “Batman-Infused” Enemy Be?!

Players are already speculating in the online space after it was confirmed that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will feature “Batman-infused” enemies…



Many people don’t understand what it means that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features “Batman-infused” enemies. The game is the next instalment in Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series, bringing with it the weight of expectation from previous games.

Since it was unveiled at the recent PlayStation State of Play, the game has faced a damaging press deluge for several reasons: one of the main problems is the constant online requirement for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, even for solo players…

This concept is mocked by players every time it rears its head, and this time was no different. Many are also worried about the game’s Battle Pass, which developer Rocksteady claims contains only decorative elements.

The inclusion of “Batman-infused enemies” was spotted by Redditor elbigotefuerte, and the post only raised more questions than answers. Batman was confirmed in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League late last year. Presumably, he will be the main antagonist. This post suggests that Batman will be able to buff grunt enemies in the game, and the player will be able to acquire weapons that will counteract those buffs. Hopefully, the exact answers will become more apparent as the game gets closer to release.

Another user on the thread raised the idea that “it might be an enemy infused with Batman skills in the Batman area of the game,” although again, this raises more questions. It’s possible that more gameplay before release could clarify what exactly “Batman-infused” means, but it’s unknown at this point when Rocksteady plans to show more of the game. That should happen soon, with less than two months to go until release.

As the fifth game in the Batman: Arkham universe, there are understandably high hopes for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Signs of the game so far have been worrying for many fans. And the respected reputation of developer Rocksteady is the community’s primary source of hope. We’re also supposedly getting a world on a larger scale than we’ve seen from Rocksteady, which has always made its worlds with great detail. It will be exciting to see if this can be translated to a larger scale. If it does, Metropolis will be a dream to explore.

Source: Reddit

Wth is a batman infused enemy? 🤔 from SuicideSquadGaming

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