Xbox Game Pass: Bombastic New 2022 Racing Game Coming To The Service!

There are more Codemasters racing games on Xbox Game Pass, but what about F1 22?



F1 22 has been available since July 2022, but not everyone has had the chance to play it yet. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service allows you to play several Codemasters titles, including DIRT 5 and F1 2021, for a monthly fee. But is F1 22 included in Game Pass?

If you’re an F1 fan and you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, we’ve got good news for you: F1 22 officially launched on Xbox Game Pass yesterday!

Codemasters confirmed that F1 22 would be available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via EA Play from 2 March. Microsoft added F1 2021 to Game Pass last March, a few months before the release of F1 22, so the timing isn’t too surprising. At the time of writing, the Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs £10.99 a month and gives access to over 100 titles across PC, console and mobile. EA Play is also included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost.

PlayStation gamers are not left out. If you subscribe to EA Play, F1 22 is included in the subscription for PlayStation consoles.

If you haven’t played F1 22 yet, now’s the perfect time to get some practice in before F1 23 is released.

Codemasters has not yet unveiled F1 23, but it is expected to be announced around April.

Following that, F1 23 is likely to be released for consoles and PC in late June or early July. Teams have already previewed the cars that will be driven, including the Red Bull RB19 and Mercedes W14.

F1 22 was divisive, with features like F1 Life thrown into the shuffle, so fans will be hoping F1 23 gets the series back on track this summer. That said, it’s still a really enjoyable racing game, so if you have a Game Pass subscription, it might be worth a try.

Source: True Achievements

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