The Entire Ubisoft Prince of Persia Game Collection is Now Available on STEAM at an Incredible Price!

If you love action-adventure games, now is your chance to purchase all of the Ubisoft Prince of Persia games in a bundle on STEAM. Ubisoft has come up with a fantastic offer to provide all games in a bundle to the players. Rediscover the legendary adventures of the Persian prince with modernized gameplay and exciting new elements. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the Prince of Persia games, which have been favorites of action-adventure fans for decades!


Ubisoft has created another fantastic offer for gamers on Steam, where all of the exclusively developed Prince of Persia games by Ubisoft can be purchased together in a bundle. The five games include Prince of Persia, The Forgotten Sands, The Sands of Time, The Two Thrones, and Warrior Within.

This offer is a fantastic opportunity for all players to experience the Prince of Persia adventures. All games have fantastic graphics and gameplay, which have contributed to the great reputation of Prince of Persia games.

Prince of Persia games have been known and loved by fans for decades, and now they are available to everyone at an incredible price. During the games, players can control the Persian prince who must overcome various obstacles to save the kingdom and his love.

Gameplay includes fighting against enemies, jumping over obstacles, running on walls, and manipulating time. The newer games contain numerous innovations, including new characters and continuously changing gameplay.

The Prince of Persia games developed by Ubisoft have been highly popular over the past decades and are among the most influential games in the history of game development. The games’ story and characters have become iconic in the gaming world and continue to significantly impact the gaming industry.

All Prince of Persia games can now be purchased together on STEAM for €8.95, a great deal for all gamers. The promotion lasts for a week, giving enough time for those who have not yet played these games to acquire them at a great price.

Prince of Persia games promise a fantastic adventure for every player who loves action-adventure games. All games include classic gameplay and storylines that have entertained players for a long time, and the newer games have updated graphics and gameplay.

The world and stories of Prince of Persia games borrow many elements from Persian culture and mythology, which creators skillfully mix with the elements of action-adventure games, creating the unique atmosphere and charm of these games.

During the promotion, the entire Prince of Persia collection can be purchased for only €8.95 on STEAM, which is a great deal for those who want to travel back in time and relive the Prince of Persia adventures.

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Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to get all Prince of Persia games at a great price and enjoy the adventures with the Persian prince! The promotion lasts for only one week, so hurry up!

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