Gears Of War: Will The Next Game Have More Horror Elements?! [VIDEO]

The Xbox boss wants to return to the roots of the Gears of War series to include more horror elements from the Cliff Bleszinski era.



Xbox boss Phil Spencer wants to bring back horror elements to the Gears of War franchise. These elements were initially invented during the time of the original creator of the series, Cliff Bleszinski (aka CliffyB).

Although Xbox Game Studios have since taken over the Gears of War franchise, the games have evolved mainly differently, starting with Gears 4.

Despite this, Spencer has expressed a fundamental interest in returning to the series’ roots until 2014. CliffyB even alluded to this in a recent episode of the Xbox Era podcast, noting that when the hosts brought up the idea that Gears of War should bring back the horror elements, he was in complete agreement that those elements should be revisited in future games, regardless of any creative challenges that might arise (such as finishing Gears 5). Bleszinski’s commentary:

“That was Phil Spencer’s main note when Microsoft acquired Gears of War IP. When he was talking to Rod Ferguson he said let’s get back to the horror stuff.”

Understandably, Gears 4 and Gears 5 could have been conceptually ready when these considerations were discussed. The creative direction was already set at that point. We may never know precisely what the answer to that question is. That doesn’t mean, however, that Spencer hasn’t rethought the future of the Gears franchise about previous instalments.

Fans of the Gears of War games, or any game franchise in general, can be very picky if something is lost due to such a significant shift. The circumstances here are no different. The transition of Halo ownership from Bungie to Xbox is a prime example of its kind. And even the recent creative and support issues with Halo Infinite, which have damaged the game’s ongoing prospects. Despite initially having a ten-year service plan.

Some changes to the existing storyline in the Halo TV series have not been so well received either, with Spencer strongly considering whether the series could use some extra influence from other video game adaptations.

It’s good to know that Phil Spencer is aware of the concerns of the Gears of War community and has expressed support for revisiting the elements that made the original Gears games special.

Source: Xbox Era

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