Deepfake Crisis On Twitch – Here Are The Latest Developments!

Twitch is issuing updated guidelines regarding the proliferation of deepfake content on its livestreams.



In a recent blog post, Twitch addressed the latest deepfake controversy in an attempt to protect its female streamers. The post responded to an unfortunate incident in January when several female Twitch streamers’ livestream images were exploited for explicit content.

Deepfaking, for the uninitiated, is the process of using artificial intelligence to create compelling images, videos and sounds of people saying or doing things they never said or did.

It is a powerful and rapidly developing technology that entertains and deceives. While deepfake can have positive uses, significant concerns exist about its misuse. The technology can also be used to create malicious content targeting specific individuals. For example, to create fake videos of people doing or saying things that they did not actually do. This can lead to loss of trust, damage to reputation and even legal consequences.

Twitch has addressed the problem of explicit deepfake content by labelling the term “synthetic non-consensual exploitative imagery” or “synthetic NCEI”. Next month, Twitch will update its policy on adult sexual violence and exploitation. They stress that intentionally promoting, creating or sharing synthetic NCEI will result in an indefinite suspension for a first offence. Twitch’s adult nudity policy will also be updated to cover synthetic NCEIs. In the future, the presentation of an NCEI on the streaming platform will immediately enforce the streaming site’s policy, regardless of context. Twitch is also organising a Creator Camp on 14 March to educate viewers about this critical social issue.

Streamer Zara Ward, who is an expert on NCEIs, will discuss everything you need to know about synthetic NCEIs with a member of the Twitch security team.

The rise of deepfaking technology is becoming increasingly worrying, and the consequences are far-reaching. In addition to explicit content without consent, it can be used to manipulate public opinion, spread misinformation, influence elections, and create malicious content in all circles that can have a detrimental impact on individuals and society. While Twitch is taking essential steps to address the problem to protect users and maintain a safe environment, it is not yet known how other companies will address the growing threat.

Source: Twitch

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