Diablo IV: Another Bold Marketing Move From Activision Blizzard [VIDEO]

Fortunately, it’s not as shocking as what Acclaim tried to do with Shadow Man: 2econd Coming (billboards on tombstones).


Diablo IV presumably has a significant marketing budget and has left behind some bizarre moves (Sony, God of War 2: a dead goat…). This time, the team has chosen the Chapelle des Jésuites, a baroque 17th-century cathedral in Cambrai, France. The church in the north of France hasn’t taken a satanic turn (it is, however, a building that appears to be consecrated but is not officially so…).

So what did Activision Blizzard do? The inside of the cathedral has been decorated with images of Lilith, the Queen of Succubi, fighting the Succubi. The building is not consecrated, but it is a historical monument, so the team’s hands were tied. The result was twenty paintings on canvas placed on the ceiling, the dome, and the back wall of the cathedral. In total, 160 feet (about 48.67 meters) of painting was involved, which the publisher says took thirty days of work.

Adam Miller led the project, and for him, it was interesting because the scale and speed seemed crazy to him. The five character types in Diablo IV were painted battling the forces of evil, and Henry Hobson, who directed the video showing the placement of the artwork, said that Miller’s vision of the Diablo universe “corrupted” the classical space and the paintings didn’t fit in with the existing artwork in the Cathedral. (Alongside, for example, the Flemish painter Arnould de Vuez’s Life of Christ…) Except for Jan van Eyck’s work from the 1440s, The Last Judgment, which is much more gruesome, as demons tear bodies to pieces, and The Met suggests it could have been a doorway to the tabernacle or a sanctuary.

So it’s an unusual move, not a hair-raising or scary one. Marketing, above all else, Activision Blizzard might have thought…

Source: PCGamer

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