“Sit Straight While Gaming!” – Says Sony With Its Latest Patent

TECH NEWS – A new Sony patent has come up with several interesting ways to remind players to sit up straight and improve their posture.



A newly published patent reveals that Sony wants gamers to sit up straight while playing.

It’s easy to forget the dangers of unhealthy posture, especially when it comes to gaming, but gamers are no strangers to the kind of back pain that can follow these intense games.

Fortunately, Sony has some ideas on how to curb these problems. The patent was filed a few years ago but was made public today. Now that PS5 consoles will hopefully be much more readily available, Sony may have a chance to put millions of gamers’ backs straight – that is, if this feature ever sees the light of day.

Sony wouldn’t be the first company to try to tackle the posture problem. After all, an entire industry was built on making gamers sit comfortably. However, there is only so much you can do with chairs. The patent summary says that this potential feature would use the controller to analyse the player’s movements. Based on the data, it would offer solutions to improve posture. For example, it would give friendly warnings to take a break or sit up straight. This patent seems mainly intended to alleviate injuries caused by repetitive movements.

“A game intervention server may evaluate, based on learning models, posture, and physical motions for players for repetitive, unbalanced, or excessive motions, as well as gameplay quality patterns, and compare to thresholds for identifying unhealthy conditions.”

Strictly how this functionality would be implemented on existing PlayStation hardware is unclear. It is important to note that it is rare that patents such as this one release full-fledged features to consumers. If they appear at all, it is possible that they will only occur with the next generation of consoles. In the meantime, gamers will have to listen to their bodies to see when it’s time to take a break.

Source: OP Attack, Push Square

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