Could Xbox Game Pass Get More Expensive?! Microsoft Has Spoken

Microsoft has issued a statement to refute rumours that the price of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions could rise shortly.



Microsoft is becoming a growing gaming conglomerate as a result of the takeover attempts of Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard. The company has now reassured fans and gamers that the price of its Xbox Game Pass subscription service will not go up. This will be a bit of good news for subscribers, as many have been wary of Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard for this very reason.

If the merger is successful, the price of the Xbox Game Pass will not increase, as Microsoft officials have stated that raising the subscription service price would be counterproductive.

When Microsoft acquired Bethesda a few years ago, the subscription price did not increase. According to the Xbox owner, it will not rise similarly with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft also argues that by keeping the price of Game Pass unchanged, Call of Duty players are more likely to stay subscribed for longer than if they just join the service every time a new game in the series is released.

Another exciting part of the document, published by the UK CMA, suggests that Microsoft wants to increase the competitiveness of the subscription game market. Microsoft says that if it improves its Game Pass game offering, Sony will improve its PlayStation Plus offering. This will make the market more competitive, which will benefit everyone involved. PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass will always compete with each other to reach the most players.

Microsoft will need to convince the UK CMA of the productive nature of the merger and its positive assessment over the next month, as the authority is expected to close its investigation by 26 April.

PlayStation players, however, need not worry so much. Microsoft has said that removing Call of Duty from PlayStation would make zero sense and has no plans to do so.

In the coming months, one of the biggest games deals in history will come to an end, with reverberations throughout the industry. Fans will soon be able to learn more about how this acquisition will play out and the potential implications for their gaming platforms.

Source: Pure Xbox

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