Forspoken is a Colossal Failure, the Publisher Blames the Critics!

Square Enix is not happy with the reception of Forspoken, which was released in January for PlayStation 5 and PC. The game received mixed reviews from both professionals and players and did not reach the expected sales numbers. The publisher thinks that the critics were not fair with the game and did not take into account its virtues.


Forspoken is an action role-playing game in which a young woman from New York, Frey Holland, is magically transported to the world of Athia, where fantasies and nightmares become reality. Frey gets new magical abilities that allow her to travel through the huge landscapes and fight the terrible creatures. The game was developed by Luminous Productions, which is a subsidiary of Square Enix.

The game was preceded by great expectations, as it seemed promising for its spectacular graphics, exciting story and dynamic combat system. However, after the release it turned out that the game is full of errors, bugs and optimization problems. The critics said that the game was boring, clichéd and repetitive, and did not use the possibilities of the Athia world. The players were also not satisfied with the game, many complained about the controls, animations and online features.

Square Enix did not accept these opinions and thinks that the critics did not give a chance to the game and compared it too much with other similar genre games such as Horizon Zero Dawn or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The publisher says that Forspoken offered a unique experience to the players that cannot be copied or imitated. The publisher also claims that they are constantly improving and updating the game and will soon expand it with new content.

Forspoken cannot be considered completely unsuccessful yet, as it still has a chance to improve its sales and increase its fan base. However, for now it seems that Square Enix overestimated the potential of the game and underestimated its shortcomings.

Source: Video Games Chronicles

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