Konami Crisis: Silent Hill 2 Remake Developers Stand Up For The Publisher

The CEO of Bloober Team, the development team behind the Silent Hill 2 remake, has reassured fans that Konami is in good hands.



Konami has gone through a severe crisis in recent years due to restructuring. Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno has defended the company in light of the studio’s takeover of the highly anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake. While Babieno laid out Bloober Team’s ambitious goals for future projects, he also sought to reassure gamers that Konami continues to thrive behind the scenes.

As one of the biggest horror game franchises, the Bloober Team responsible for overseeing the Silent Hill 2 remake has ambitious plans, to say the least.

The developer already has some reasonably successful horror games under their belt, such as the Blair Witch adaptation. But taking on a title as big as Silent Hill 2 is a big task. It will require hard work to meet the expectations of many fans. Speaking at DICE Summit 2023, Piotr Babieno said that Bloober Team wants to be the next big studio name when it comes to horror games. Making a remake of Silent Hill 2 could help make that dream a reality.

Babieno also took time at the DICE Summit to defend the prominent publisher behind Silent Hill 2, Konami. Hideo Kojima’s departure in 2015 and rumours of a troubled work culture have left the company in a bumpy year. In any case, Babieno said he believes the people currently running the company know what they are doing. He also made a small plea to disgruntled Konami fans. He asked that the company be given time to prove itself again. He also said he was confident in their future ambitions.

If the studio can pull off this remake, then perhaps more Silent Hill remakes could be on Team Bloober’s radar.

Continuing the conversation, Babieno claimed that he, too, made many mistakes during his earlier years at Bloober Team. He sees the studio as heading towards a new and exciting phase. These sentiments may also be an indication of where he thinks the publisher is heading after experiencing some growing pains.

From his comments, Babieno seems incredibly confident about the future of the Bloober Team and Konami. However, the studio must tread carefully when reworking such a big title. Such a project could make or break a developer. There is great anticipation and expectation behind the remake. Hopefully, we will all end up doing well.

Source: IGN

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