[E3 2023] Xbox Will Not Be On stage, Only Digitally!

So the rumors are true again for June’s event, as the Redmond-based company has announced that it will not be physically present at this year’s E3.


We previously reported a rumor that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony would be skipping this year’s E3. Sony’s case is not surprising, as they haven’t had a conference in years, and the situation is similar for the big N, as they tend to schedule a Nintendo Direct around E3. Then, we see more previews of upcoming Nintendo Switch games during Treehouse Live. However, Microsoft’s position has been unclear so far.

We’ve heard that there will be an Xbox Games Showcase on June 11, followed immediately by a Starfield Direct (these were also discussed, so we’ve already reported that Todd Howard’s game has been postponed again). However, when Microsoft announced it, we asked if it would be held at the traditional E3 venue, the Los Angeles Convention Center. We got the answer: no, because Microsoft will be a contributor to the Electronic Entertainment Expo’s Digital Week, the company spokesperson confirmed to IGN.

A month ago, Xbox boss Phil Spencer discussed his support for E3, as Microsoft is part of the Entertainment Software Organization, the ESA board of directors that previously organized E3. At the time, he saw the event as an essential part of the gaming industry and said the company would do everything it could, in conjunction with ESA, to make E3 a success. They’re also preparing for it because this year will be the first traditional physical show, and Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that if there is an E3, they’ll be there because they’ll have a lot of stuff to show.

ReedPop, the new E3 organizing company behind Penny Arcade Expo, will launch the digital week of E3 2023 on June 11, with events such as the Future Games Show and PC Gaming Show, while the physical E3 will run from June 13 to 16. Last year, Microsoft struggled with Xbox-exclusive launches last year, so it needs to pick up the pace this year.

Source: WCCFTech

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