Has A Possible PlayStation 6 Release Window Been Leaked?!

TECH NEWS – Documents relating to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard could reveal the PlayStation 6’s tentative release window.



Documents relating to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard and the future of Call of Duty could reveal the release window Sony has in mind for the PlayStation 6 console. Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to acquire Activision Blizzard have revealed some exciting details about PlayStation’s ties to Call of Duty.

Apparently, there are currently no officially announced plans for a new PlayStation console, as the PlayStation 5 has been available for less than three years and is now in its heyday.

Still, in an industry where competition is fierce, where video game development and mass production of hardware can take years, plans for the next PlayStation are probably well underway. But such plans are not traditionally shared publicly.

Analysis of documents submitted to the UK’s CMA regulator in 2022 led to an important report last year. Two exciting facts were noted. One was that Sony had special access to Call of Duty until 2027. The other is that Sony will have special access to Call of Duty until the next console is released. This has led to speculation about a 2027 release date for PlayStation 6. But that’s not necessarily the whole story.

Rumours surrounding the PlayStation 6’s 2027 release date have surfaced again, with Reddit user Cyshox pointing out an important detail.

Specifically, he notes that according to the documents, Sony would launch its next console after the Call of Duty contract expires in 2027. If the Call of Duty deal lasted until the 2027 game release, and Call of Duty typically releases in November each year, a 2027 PS 6 release would not be realistic.

Further context is needed here. 6 years after the PS1 release came the PS2. Again six years later came the PS3. 7 years later came the PS4 and again 7 years later came the PS5. Seven years from the PS5 release would be 2027. So, if 2027 is not the year Sony chose, then PlayStation is moving into new territory. Based on the language in the documents and the historical turning points for the new consoles, 2028 might make sense for PS6. But it’s entirely possible that the popularity of the PS5, modern hardware costs and other reasons could push the PS6 to 2029, 2030 or even longer.

Given that Sony has cited a specific year in the documents from Microsoft’s acquisition filings and that this is used in arguments about the future of Call of Duty, 2028 makes the most sense.

Pushing it any further than that would complicate the conversation around Sony’s access to Call of Duty and Microsoft’s ownership of Activision. Still, if anything can be said, it’s that PlayStation 6 is a long way off. PlayStation 5 could be Sony’s longest console generation to date.

Source: Reddit, PlayStation Lifestyle

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