Game Developers Beware: ChatGPT AI Could Soon Put You Out Of Business…

TECH NEWS – A developer is using OpenAI ChatGPT-4 to create a video game from scratch in less than a minute, demonstrating the power of new technology.



The future is here, as one developer was able to create a complete, fully functional game code in less than a minute using ChatGPT-4. It seems that Microsoft OpenAI has really taken machine learning chatbots to the next level. Making simple games could be the beginning of a new era of game development.

ChatGPT is a machine-learning chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that exploded into the public consciousness last year.

Last year, it surprised the world when Microsoft-owned technology startup OpenAI launched it. The program is a language model that naturally mimics human language using probabilities based on intensive training. It can engage the user in conversation, give hints or, for example, quote information from the internet. The bot has been such a success that it is already implemented on the servers of programs such as Discord. ChatGPT-4, the new iteration of the model, also has incredible coding capabilities that are much better than its predecessor.

Shortly after the launch of GPT-4, AI developer Pietro Schirano shared his interaction with the stick. In doing so, he recreated the famous game of Pong in less than 60 seconds with just a few instructions. He first told the program to help him write code. Then he used a concrete program to create the best possible code language version of Pong. The program produced the code and a fully functional game on the first try.

In the comments, it was asked if the previous version of ChatGPT could do this, to which Schirano replied that it had previously made several mistakes that required proper debugging, which took time.

Now, however, it worked on the first try. Another user asked for a version of the classic Breakout game. This Schirano was also able to create in a single try. ChatGPT is also used for other games, such as generating new missions in Skyrim. However, it has never been used to create whole games so quickly.

It seems that ChatGPT and similar AI programs could be quite helpful for developers. They can be used not only for generating code but also for evaluating it and finding answers. Recently, for example, a Fortnite leaker used it to decipher the code for the game’s latest season. The results were entirely accurate and helped demonstrate how powerful these tools can be when used correctly.

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