BREAKING: Birthday Boy Steam Deck Is Now On Sale For A Limited Time! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Valve has announced that to celebrate the first anniversary of Steam Deck, it is offering the first-ever discounted price on the handheld console!



Unbelievable but true: Steam Deck has been available for a year. Valve is celebrating the occasion by offering the most popular PC handheld console for the first time ever at a discounted price. Few people probably expected it to be such a success. Especially after Valve’s history with failed PC hardware. Yet the console continues to perform exceptionally well, and the company is looking to continue this momentum into 2023 and beyond.

Now, those interested in purchasing a Steam Deck can get one at a specially discounted price: the limited Valve discount applies to all three Steam Deck SKUs, taking 10% off the price of each handheld PC.

This brings the price of a 64GB Steam Deck down to $359.10, 256GB to $476.10 and 512GB to $584.10. These are still expensive devices. But for those who are thinking about getting a console now, it’s a great deal.

However, the discount is not permanent. The 10% Steam Deck discount is only available during Steam’s annual Spring Sale. The promotion started yesterday and runs until 23 March. That’s just one week of a discounted shopping window. The time is short, but it gives interested buyers time to consider their investment.

Some may be wondering if the Steam Deck discount could mean that Valve is preparing to release a Steam Deck 2, and the concern is certainly justified.

Valve has already confirmed that it is working on the next version. But that doesn’t mean it’s coming anytime soon. Just last week, the company said that they don’t expect a “true next-gen Steam Deck” for a few more years. An optimised version of the current device is possible, but there are no rumours about that just yet.

Ultimately, what matters is whether Steam Deck in its current form is worth the price for potential PC gamers. The discount should make it much more attractive. However, the console offers a unique and enticing experience even at full price.

Source: Polygon

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