Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles Takes City Building To A Whole New Level! [VIDEO]

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, the spinoff from the developer of The Falconeer, takes a unique approach to building.



Developer Tomas Sala’s upcoming Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles has received a proof-of-concept demo. This gives us a taste of what promises to be a combination of city-building and open-world exploration. The demo has been billed as an “evolving demo”, a kind of open development that will be updated over time as new features are added to the game during development.

The new feature of Bulwark is a free-form node-based building system that allows new buildings to be quickly dropped onto a 3D environment, while the roads between them are automatically constructed.

As you click, wooden paved paths are formed between the towers. When you upgrade the towers to stone ones later, the trails become more solid.

At the same time, you can explore the world around your base by airship. As you explore more, you’ll meet new people to recruit. They include settlers looking to relocate, ship captains, pirates and dragon-riding wizards. Depending on your reaction, they all want to work with or against you. These new characters will provide units to defend your airship, resettle or upgrade your towers, or help you establish trade routes to bring in resources over long distances.

Developer Tomas Sala’s first work was The Falconeer, an aerial combat game that attracted much attention for its combination of stylish action, pretty visuals and indie credibility – Sala is a solo developer.

Many people were very impressed by the demo of Bulwark. Sala’s Falconeer world is just as fascinating from a new perspective – arguably even more so for those who prefer strategy and management games to aerial dogfights. Moreover, the building tools, while definitely in the early stages of development, are impressively easy to use once you master their use.

Source: YouTube, Steam

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