New Blade Movie: Could A Popular Marvel Character Be Cut?!

MOVIE NEWS – A character previously thought to have been confirmed for the film has reportedly been cut from the Mahershala Ali-starring Blade reboot.



As Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot heads towards production, a significant change has reportedly been made to the film’s plot. Kit Harington’s Black Knight will reportedly not be as important as initially planned.

Blade was first introduced as the character in 1973 as a witty, highly skilled vampire hunter who is immune to the effects of vampire bites.

The latest Blade movie spent a long time in the making. Marvel Studios announced a reboot of Blade in 2019. Since then, the film has been hit by delays and director changes. In addition, the script has undergone several rewrites. According to Jeff Sneider, some were requested by Mahershala Ali. Although Sneider did not reveal details about what Ali’s rewrites included, he did mention in an episode of The Hot Mic podcast that most of the rewrites were to keep the script lean. Unfortunately, this reportedly resulted in Kit Harington’s Black Knight being cut from the film.

“Someone reached out to say that with Blade, things have gotten a little bit better. Things have shaped up, the script is leaner and meaner and they cut out the fat, but the script I heard about was like 87 pages like there wasn’t enough and they’d shaved it to the bone…What they’d cut out I heard is that Blade was gonna tie in with Eternals and Kit Harington’s Black Knight,” Sneider said. “Black Knight’s not really involved in the Blade thing anymore.”

Fans may remember the Eternals aftermath scene that promised Harington’s future MCU involvement. In the scene, Harington’s character, Dane Whitman – who appeared as Sersi’s boyfriend throughout the film – opened a bag containing the ebony blade. As he stares at the blade, a voice identified as Ali Blade asks Whitman if he is ready for the weapon.

At the time, this moment was seen as proof that Harington would be in the new Blade film, and while it seemed that this intention would come to fruition, fans of the Black Knight may be in for a disappointment if Sneider’s words are true.

This revelation leaves the future of Black Knight uncertain. While no official announcement has been made regarding the character’s absence from the Blade reboot, there has also been no word on whether the Black Knight will appear in any other Marvel Studios media genre. This does not necessarily mean that Black Knight will disappear from the MCU for good. In Marvel comics, his connection to the Avengers and the Eternals makes him an easy character to integrate into multiple storylines. For now, fans of the Black Knight will have to wait. We’ll see soon enough how Marvel Studios decides.

Source: The Direct

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