An AI Ghostwriter Can Now Help Ubisoft Developers?! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Ubisoft has unveiled Ghostwriter, a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool created in-house.



The new tool is designed to help save time for Ubisoft screenwriters. The AI achieves this by taking care of smaller but still time-consuming parts of game writing, such as repetitive shouts and other background NPC lines.

For those who don’t know, shouting (or “barking”) is a technical term used to describe a few-word sentence said by NPCs at different times.

Things such as “Grenade, look out!” or “Enemy sighted!” can be considered such.

They can also be the one or two lines you hear when walking by an NPC in an open-world game. Little phrases that can do wonders, if executed well, to immerse you in the game world.

In a video demonstrating the tool, Ubisoft describes how the tool will be used to generate a “first draft” of the lines that will actually make it into the game.

A member of the narrative team will then review the sketches. The goal is to turn AI-generated suggestions into lines that will actually appear in the final product.

Using AI as a tool to write anything has been a controversial topic on the internet, to say the least. However, it would be a shame to deny that this ghostwriter tool could make development much more efficient for narrative teams. It will be interesting to see how players react.

It will be even more interesting to see if players even notice the difference. In fact, it’s possible that Ubisoft has already started to use it in recent releases, Far Cry 6, Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Source: YouTube

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