Boston Strangler – The new Zodiac or just a pale imitation?

MOVIE REVIEW – The case of the serial killer, of which Boston Strangler is one of the most famous figures, is undoubtedly a glimpse into the deepest recesses of the human psyche. But has this story been adequately told in the 2023 film “Boston Strangler? Well, unfortunately the answer is more for the sceptics, because although there are some exciting moments, overall the film falls short of expectations.



If you thought you had seen everything there was to see in the serial killer genre, it’s time to get to know the story of Boston Strangler. Judging by the trailer for 2023, the film about the infamous serial killer, we thought we were in for another thriller. But as we sat through the two hours, we got the feeling that something was missing from our film. But what exactly is it? Find out below.



Suppressed plot


Boston Strangler director Matt Ruskin based his film on his expertise in the subject, having dealt with serial killers before, and he also chose great actors for the lead roles. But somewhere along the way the film got stuck, and why is hard to say exactly. Perhaps the problem was that the director was too attached to the truth and did not delve enough into the inner world of the characters. Maybe the problem was that he wanted to say too much and couldn’t find the right pace and rhythm. Or maybe it was simply that the overall picture somehow didn’t work.

What is certain is that Boston Strangler falls short of the standard of the larger serial killer movies (e.g. Zodiac), and while it has its moments of excitement, overall it is a very mediocre film that had much more potential based on the initial premise. The events it presents are very interesting and exciting, but for some reason the film fails to convey this feeling to the audience. Although the director has tried to convey a sense of fear and tension, the end result unfortunately falls short of expectations.



Choking visuals and atmosphere


As far as the basic atmosphere is concerned, it wouldn’t be bad, as Boston Strangler is a dark and depressing film that adequately recreates the weight of brutal rapes, stranglings and murders. The director, Matt Ruskin, uses visuals and sound to brilliantly portray the horror and tension that people felt in Boston as a result of the series of strangulation victims.

The visuals are also very dark and morbid, and the sets and costumes add to the atmosphere of the film, and it is clear that all members of the crew worked hard to properly recreate the atmosphere of Boston at the time.

As for the story, we can say that it was relatively interesting and exciting. The creators have built up the tension well and managed to present the investigations carried out by the police into the serial murders in an exciting way.

However, despite all the exciting moments, the film somehow felt flat. Perhaps the reason was that the characters were not sufficiently developed, or perhaps the writers wanted to squeeze too much into the barely two hours of running time. It was probably the combined effect of the two that made it feel like the film failed to reach its full potential.



Suppressed character development


Boston Strangler is a very effective and dark film that recreates the horror and tension of contemporary Boston. The direction of the film is fair and the actors give relatively good performances. The story of the serial killer is interesting and relatively gripping, and the mood and visuals of the film do an excellent job of conveying the weight of the plot.

However, although the film focuses on the horrors committed by Boston Strangler, and although this event is very important to the film, we feel that the writers have not given enough attention to explaining the characters’ personalities, pasts and motivations.

Boston Strangler is an interesting film that has some excellent moments, but fails to fully exploit its potential. Despite the well-built tension and atmospheric visuals, the film feels a little flat and the characters are not fully developed. However, for those who like the crime thriller genre, we definitely recommend giving it a chance.



Boston Strangler

Direction - 7
Actors - 6
Story - 7.5
Visuals/Music/Sounds/Action - 7
Ambience - 7.5



So overall, Boston Strangler is a mediocre film that had a lot more potential, but unfortunately the end result failed to live up to its full potential. For those who are interested in history and serial killings, I definitely recommend it, but for those who just want a thrilling and breathtaking thriller, you will be disappointed.

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