Will Counter-Strike 2 Get A Mobile Port?

Valve’s “new” game won’t be PC-only…


Earlier this week, we reported that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be getting a new engine (Source 2) this summer, but Gabe Newell’s company could be planning more than that if the data mining is to be believed. Most of the information comes from Gabe Follower, an expert in this “genre.” So it is thanks to him that we have learned that there will be a new fire grenade, the Tripwire in the Danger Zone, which can be activated by stepping on the wire. Another new weapon is the Bear Trap, which leaked, as mentioned a few years ago. There could also be a new melee weapon, the Pipe, or perhaps a new type of grenade, similar to the pipe bomb seen in Left 4 Dead 2.

More interesting than these could be the reference to a mobile version. It could be code leftovers from another game and not removed, but we can’t take it seriously, so it’s likely that Valve could tune the Source 2 engine for iOS and Android. Add to that the fact that Artifact and Dota Underlords also have such references and are available on mobile, and it’s worth suspecting a mobile CS title…

Valve may also be preparing a new anti-cheat system, as in Counter-Strike 2, the company refers to VAC Live. It does not come with a simple ban. If the system detects a cheater, the whole match will stop, so the others can rightfully send that person packing because Valve will probably name the offender as well. Finally, the new Operation should be mentioned. That’s what Valve calls its seasonal content, and the company is already working on its 12th: three new weapon collections (Counter-Strike, Pop Comic, Myth & Monsters), new pins (already hinted at in the announcement video), and cosmetic items are not missing.

All this is not yet official, of course. Counter-Strike 2 will launch on PC this summer.

Source: WCCFTech

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