Citizen Sleeper: BAFTA-Nominated RPG Coming To PS With A Surprise! [VIDEO]

The PlayStation edition of Citizen Sleeper includes a brand new third DLC.



BAFTA-nominated RPG Citizen Sleeper is out now for PS4 and PS5! With the third and final DLC – Episode: Purge – is available for free on all platforms.

The tablet-inspired RPG comes with all three DLC packs for fans trying the game on PlayStation for the first time and offers a 20 per cent discount off the retail price for the first week after its Sony debut.

The limited-time 30 per cent discount is also available on PC/Mac, Switch and Xbox.

As well as coming to PlayStation for the first time, the unconventional game will also be free to play on Xbox and PC for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Episode: Purge – the game’s third and final DLC – “completes Citizen Sleeper’s three-episode post-launch DLC expansion, introducing additional characters, story and new locations – and bringing back some familiar faces!”

In the highly unique RPG, the player’s character is a “Sleeper”. A human whose mind has been digitised and implanted into a robotic body to control the Essen-Arp corporation.

The player’s robot has escaped slavery on a cargo ship and arrived at a space station called Eye, where they fight for survival and freedom.

The game has received generally positive reviews – it currently has a “very positive” rating on Steam. It’s well worth a try for fans of the genre and style.

Source: YouTube, Steam

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