The Last Of Us: The Second Season’s Filming Locations Revealed! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The Last of Us season 2 is set to begin filming in late 2023.



Although the first season was filmed primarily in Calgary, Alberta, the second season will begin in Vancouver. At least, according to Deadline. The second season will be based on the events and storyline of The Last of Us Part II, which takes place almost entirely in the Pacific Northwest.

“You can expect us to repeat the same process, which is we will look at what made that story special and what is the soul of that story. And that needs to remain intact,” showrunner Craig Mazin said of season two in the official podcast of The Last of Us.

“And then the moment-to-moment beats and characters, they might stay the same, they might change. We will do what needs to happen to that story as it transfers from one medium to another.”

The Last of Us Part II follows Ellie and her journey as a young adult who finds her own identity outside of Joel and his protection. The game was re-released in 2020. Fans have already shared their casting thoughts on Abby, the new central character for Season 2. While Mazin revealed that Pedro Pascal would return in Season 2 and that Bella Ramsey will turn 14 to 19, it will likely be an Ellie-centric season.

Season 1 of the series is now available to watch in its entirety on HBO Max and Sky.

Source: Deadline, YouTube

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