Xbox Game Pass: Shockingly, A Legendary AAA Microsoft Game Is About To Be Gone, But There’s Good News!

Remedy’s Xbox-exclusive Quantum Break is leaving Xbox Game Pass, but only temporarily. But another departing title could be gone for good, and it’s just been updated…



Before Remedy returned to the scene with the supernatural thriller Control, the studio teamed up with Microsoft in 2016 for an ambitious TV-game crossover called Quantum Break. The game was temporarily removed from Xbox Game Pass due to a licensing issue. The good news is that it will return at some point.

Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg confirmed this after Quantum Break was listed as a “coming soon” title alongside other titles in the Game Pass app.

Remedy itself has also commented on the matter, saying that the temporary removal is due to “some expired licenses that are in the process of being renewed”.

Xbox today published a blog post listing the games that will be removed from Game Pass on April 15. However, it did not mention Quantum Break. Earlier this week, all the other games shown on the “departing Game Pass” page confirmed they were leaving the service. Among them are The Riftbreaker, Moonglow Bay, Rainbow Six Extraction, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos, Life is Strange: True Colors and The Long Dark. The same blog post lists Iron Brigade, Ghostwire: Tokyo and Minecraft Legends as upcoming Game Pass titles.

German-language Xbox Dynasty reported that Microsoft told the outlet that the removal was due to licensing issues. However, it is not clear what the nature of these problems are. It’s worth noting that Quantum Break would not be the first Xbox exclusive to be removed from Xbox Game Pass, as several previous Forza titles have also been pulled due to music licensing contracts expiring.


Recently updated, it will still be removed from Xbox Game Pass


Game Pass subscribers will soon be able to say goodbye to The Long Dark. Surprisingly, the survival game just recently received a significant update.

New Xbox Game Pass games are continuously rationed each month, but when it comes to removal, they’re pulled en masse and almost always on the 15th or last day of every month.

At least eight games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass in April 2023. All of them will likely have their last day on April 15. More clarification will be coming soon, but in the meantime, anyone who wants to try out the new update to The Long Dark should do so more quickly.

So subscribers have less than two weeks to try The Long Dark if they haven’t already. It also gives them very little time to take advantage of the game’s major Xbox update, which has improved performance on Xbox Series X/S consoles. This update came along with the Tales from the Far Territory DLC for the popular survival game.

Source:, Pure Xbox, GameSpot

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