Redfall Is On A Roll: Fans Can Win An Amazing Xbox Giveaway!

Xbox fans will have the chance to win a unique Redfall Xbox Series X console and controller if they complete Bethesda’s interactive adventure.



As part of a promotional event for Arkane’s upcoming game Redfall, Bethesda has unveiled a unique Xbox Series X console and controller. Players can win this by participating in an interactive adventure game on Bethesda’s website.

The latest title from Arkane, the studio behind the Dishonored series, Prey and, most recently, the critically acclaimed Deathloop, is no mean feat.

Redfall is a single-player, optional co-operative game in which players are tasked with reclaiming the Massachusetts coastal island town of the same name from a legion of fierce vampires and their cult followers. The open-world looter shooter is new territory for Arkane. But the game seeks to retain and hopefully further develop the renowned studio’s distinctive art style and dense, vertical map design.

On Twitter, Redfall revealed a custom Xbox and controller, as well as the start of a sweepstakes event. This will give players the chance to win either one. Fans must play through the narrative adventure “Take Back Redfall” on Bethesda’s website to participate. They then need to share their results on Twitter or Facebook. In the text-based interactive adventure, players chat with the four heroes. They make decisions based on their encounters with vampires and cultists in the town while trying to survive to the end.

The sweepstakes will run until Redfall’s release next month, and there will only be two winners, who will randomly share a controller and console.

This interactive adventure is a clever and fun way for Bethesda to get fans even more excited. Players will get a taste of the game’s world and atmosphere. This is always important in Arkane titles. Perhaps it will also make the wait easier before the adventure on the vampire-ridden island begins next month.

Source: Twitter

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