Nicolas Cage Turned into Dracula in Three Agonising Hours

MOVIE NEWS – Although Nicolas Cage has long been considered a brilliant transformation artist, the action comedy Renfield required him to appear in front of the cameras as Dracula, not only figuratively but literally in a different form.


Director Chris McKay had the idea to show the audience the Count of Transylvania in four states. The hungry Dracula looks rather miserable because he is severely malnourished, but as he gets more and more blood, he turns into a “beautiful” vampire. The mask masters worked on Nicolas Cage for three hours to produce the wretched Dracula, but only a fleeting three quarters of an hour was enough to achieve the texture of the sated vampire.

The hungry vampire is full of wounds and his body is distorted, for this mask master Christien Tinsley studied Renaissance wax sculptures. “The old masters modeled their sculptures on the corpses of people who died of various diseases for anatomical illustration, and we took that as a basis when we designed the decayed state of the vampire,” Tinsley explained to Variety. “Dracula looks so deformed that we nicknamed this station Picasso.”

The protagonist of Renfield is Dracula’s assistant (Nicholas Hoult), who wants to get out of a toxic relationship with his boss, in which a policewoman is involved (Awkwafina) is here to help. On the Rottentomatoes portal, the critics rate the film at 92 percent, unanimously believing that the creators knew exactly what they wanted and did it, so even those who don’t like the genre and went to the cinema completely depressed often burst into laughter. .

Meanwhile, it has been proven that nowadays there really isn’t an action movie that doesn’t have a downloadable game for it. Last time it was a simple but charming Pac-Man imitation associated with Cocaine Bear, now you can spend a few carefree minutes with the aptly named Free Renfield game, which can be downloaded for phone and computer. The user can wander around different locations where they have to collect insects – in the movie, the vampire assistant gains superhuman abilities by eating them. Whoever collects enough arthropods in the game has a chance to win one of 17 valuable prizes, which include gothic jewelry, a limited-edition vampire comic for collectors, and an antique, oppressive Dracula slot machine as the main prize. Bad news for potential Renfield fans at home is that the game is only available for download in the US.

(Renfield: from Thursday in domestic cinemas!)

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