Resident Evil 4 Remake: You Probably Didn’t Know This About The Game’s Iconic Boss Fight!

A Resident Evil 4 remake player has pointed out an interesting correlation that makes the boss battle with mutant priest Bitores Mendez even creepier.



A Resident Evil 4 remake player recently realised that the design of the boss, Mendez, who takes place at the beginning of the game, has a special significance in the game. He’s one of the most grotesque foes you’ll encounter at the end of the game’s village chapter. But his appearance has consequences that not all players realise.

Resident Evil 4’s Bitores Mendez is clearly one of the parasite-infested, grossly mutated characters.

In RE4’s chapter set in Valdelobos, he is the village priest and leader, his human form an imposing, bearded man in a dark suit. But in battle, he transforms into a grotesque mutant with a horribly elongated torso and hideous, cancerous appendages. Interestingly, Mendez’s mutated body resembles the Los Iluminados emblem. As a Resident Evil 4 fan and Reddit user recently discovered, this is no coincidence. Instead, players are seeing an adult Los Plagas parasite that “wears” Mendez like a suit. This is reminiscent of the most incredible body horror classics, films by John Carpenter and David Cronenberg.

This detail is not new information for all RE 4 players, although not everyone noticed it immediately. One commenter said he only realised the connection when he played the game’s VR port last year. The commenter also noted that they had noticed the similarity some time ago. But the reason had escaped their attention until now.

As the commenter pointed out, this discovery makes Mendez even more troubling than he previously appeared. One commenter noted that the design works even better in the Resident Evil 4 remake. The latter presents Mendez as a crazed true believer rather than a cynical manipulator. The extent to which the parasite has taken over Mendez’s body has exciting implications.

It raises questions such as whether the parasite is directly controlling his mind or whether the former Catholic priest has simply gone mad in an attempt to justify the monster he has become.

Either way, Mendez’s grotesque figure is enough to make the hairs on the back of Resident Evil 4 players stand up. The reminder that something has just assumed Mendez’s skin only makes him more successful as a horror antagonist.

Source: Reddit

TYO when i realized that his body is not covieniently mutated into the shape of the symbol.. we are literally looking at the Los Plagas paracite walking around in his skin… which makes it worse, somehow.
by u/53R105LY_ in residentevil

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