The Marvels: New Teaser Sets Off Wave Of Hatred – A Harshly Negative Reception! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The trailer for The Marvels has received a lot of negative feedback from viewers in two days. Never before has Marvel Studios had such a hostile reception.



Shortly after dropping the first official The Marvels trailer, it’s pretty clear that the teaser wasn’t a smash hit for the MCU. It only took a few days for it to receive an alarming amount of dislikes. It seems that many people are not a fan of this Marvel team-up.

Although Marvel Studios’ film finally brings Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan together, Captain Marvel 2 has already been hit with four delays since the original release date of summer 2023 was first pushed back.

At the time of writing, the teaser trailer for The Marvels has received 401,000 likes against 365,000 hits on the dislike button. Overall, the video has reached more than 13.5 million views on YouTube. These metrics still show that positive reactions slightly outnumber negative ones. However, the whole situation becomes even more worrying when we realize that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 received 764 000 likes and 17 000 dislikes. This is roughly in line with the norm for MCU trailer previews.

For further context, the official trailer for the divisive She-Hulk series received 786 000 likes and 553 000 dislikes. However, that trailer was rudely bombarded by fans who criticized Marvel Studios for the CGI design of the main character. Not that things are looking much brighter for The Marvels in other parts of the world. After all, Marvel’s official channels in Latin America, Spain and Indonesia have been much worse received than the main video.

Why is The Marvels already getting such negative feedback?

While some may say it’s a symptom of future critical bombardment, the truth is that even Ms Marvel’s trailer debut held up to the overwhelmingly positive reception the MCU received from fans; the same is true for the other two main characters’ previous releases.

There is no example of any Marvel Studios production failing to generate the excitement among fans that it did in this case. Mainly since Marvel trailers usually sell their stories and product so well.

It’s hard to say that The Marvels teaser looks terrible. However, there’s nothing really remarkable about it. Unlike Doctor Strange 2, which got people excited with its X-Men references. In this case, the divisive perception of lead actress Brie Larson and her character will likely play the biggest role in the hostile reception.

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