Epic Games Store: Download These Games For Free From 20 April!

The Epic Games Store offers two multiplayer games while also revealing what free games users can claim on April 20.



The Epic Games Store’s free games for April 20 are Beyond Blue and Never Alone. Store customers will receive free games every week. Sometimes they only get one free game, but EGS has recently consistently given users two free games weekly.

Unlike services like PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass, Epic Games Store’s free games are completely free and require no additional purchase.

Currently, the free games on the Epic Games Store are Mordhau and Second Extinction, both of which are free for EGS users to claim from now until April 20. Mordhau is a medieval multiplayer game that has gathered a dedicated fan base. It will eventually become consoles, but PC players can dive in now and for free. Second Extinction is a cooperative FPS currently in early access. In it, players mow down hordes of dinosaurs.

Mordhau and Second Extinction will be available until 10 am CT on Thursday, April 20. From then on, they will be replaced by Beyond Blue and Never Alone. Beyond Blue was initially released in 2020 and is a diving simulator game. It received mixed reviews upon its original release. Never Alone received similarly mixed reviews when it was first released in 2014. But EGS users looking for a cooperative game may like it. It’s worth pointing out, however, that this is not the first time Never Alone has been available for free on the Epic Games Store.


Epic Games Store free games in April 2023:

  • Mordhau (April 13 – April 20)
  • Second Extinction (April 13 – April 20)
  • Beyond Blue (April 20 – April 27)
  • Never Alone (April 20 – April 27)


Never Alone is a puzzle/platformer in which one player plays the role of a native girl and the other the role of a fox. Although Never Alone is perhaps best played in cooperative mode, there is also a single-player option. The latter allows players to alternate between the two characters to tackle the game’s various puzzles and platform challenges.

Never Alone indeed received mixed reviews when it was released, but that didn’t stop the game from taking home several awards in the year of its release.

For those who try Never Alone through EGS and like it, it’s worth noting that the Never Alone DLC expansion is available for purchase. In addition, a sequel is on the way. Never Alone 2 was first announced last year, but details on the project are still scarce at the time of writing. Regardless, making the first Never Alone free to play via the Epic Games Store could go a long way to increasing the potential audience base for the sequel.

Source: PC Gamer

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