New Dino Crisis? No! Just A Crossover In Another Capcom Game…

Maybe the Japanese publisher should consider remaking Resident Evil 2-3-4 (the first episode was only an “HD-ified” GameCube version) and then perhaps do the same with Dino Crisis…


Exoprimal will get the same significant updates upon release as Monster Hunter: World did. Seasonal updates, collaborations with other games, and new Exosuit variants that use different equipment for different play styles (e.g., Deadeye with a burst-fire rifle that can also be used as a shotgun), all that jazz. With the dinosaurs playing such a significant role in the game, it would almost be a no-brainer if Capcom brought the Dino Crisis IP out of the closet… Suffice it to say that Hiroshi Kobayashi, the franchise producer, is also working on Exoprimal!

The developers have also published a complete feature list. All of these will be in the store version of Exoprimal in response to the recent open beta game modes that have somewhat limited players and have raised concerns. According to the list, missions without direct combat between players where victory is determined by clearing the PvE objectives as fast as possible. Cutscenes and an Analysis Map where players can explore Exoprimal’s story and the mysteries surrounding Leviathan and parallel worlds will be added. Story-related missions in Dino Survival will also join the game. There will be 10-player co-op missions with various objectives and even fiercer dinosaurs.

Various maps like Dam and Volcanic Base will be included, as well as 5-player missions that rotate weekly with global leaderboards for the fastest completion time. There will be equipment called Modules that allow for deeper customization of Exosuit capabilities. Exosuit skins, weapon skins, decals, emotes, and other cosmetic options? Count them in. The same applies to in-game medals and awards for completing certain challenges, like blocking a certain amount of damage as a Tank suit.

Exoprimal is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 14.

Source: PSL

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