Diablo IV: Popular Feature Might Be Missing From The Game?!

A senior developer at Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo IV is unlikely to get the same features as many popular action RPGs, including its predecessors.



Diablo IV will be missing a classic action-RPG feature that has been present in the franchise’s past. The game’s recent open beta saw record-breaking participation. So far, the developers seemed open to player comments, but not all of them.

Blizzard has since analysed the best and worst parts of the beta and has revealed several changes to Diablo IV based on player feedback: fans can expect class balancing, quality improvements, and even a change in the font used in some parts of the game.

However, one unpopular feature of the Diablo IV beta won’t change anytime soon. Many players were not happy with the minimap presented in the game. Some fans hoped the game would eventually get an overlay map like the one in Diablo II. Unfortunately, Rod Fergusson, senior vice president and general manager of Diablo, confirmed that Blizzard currently has no plans to change the new title.

Switchable, transparent overlay maps are a standard feature of many ARPG genre standards. This feature was cut from Diablo III, but the minimap itself was enlarged and made transparent to make it easier to remove. The minimap in Part 4 is the smallest in the series so far and less transparent than its predecessors. There are a few options to enlarge or customise the minimap in the game. Thus, players will have to adapt to the new navigation system.

The feature was sorely missed in the third game, and many hoped it would return in the sequel: given Diablo IV’s vast open world, an overlay map would make navigation much more accessible.

While it could make the screen overcrowded during combat, the game would only benefit from having such an option. Many hope that the developers will consider adding this feature in the future.

As inconvenient as it is, the lack of an overlay map is one of players’ few complaints about Diablo IV. The game may not be perfect, but it seems close enough. Despite being over a month away from release, it has already gone gold. With the hype still high after the beta, it’s clear that the new Diablo release is going to be huge, and the game has a strong chance of winning the title of Game of the Year.

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