Hugh Jackman Prepares For Deadpool 3: His Latest Training Video Puts Youngsters To Shame!

MOVIE NEWS – Hugh Jackman has shared another update on his training for Deadpool 3, in which the actor once again takes on the role of Logan. This time he’s perfected his run as Wolverine.



Hugh Jackman perfects his signature Wolverine run in a new training video for Deadpool 3, which he shared on social media. When Deadpool 3 is released in 2024, the actor will play Wolverine for the first time in seven years. Jackman last played the Marvel mutant in 2017’s Logan. That film was initially supposed to be Jackman’s swan song as the character. However, Ryan Reynolds successfully convinced his friend to return once more in Deadpool 3.

Taking to Twitter, Jackman shared a new workout video of himself running as Marvel’s character, aptly tagged “#becomingwolverineagain”, which the actor has used several times for Deadpool 3’s Wolverine workout updates.

Jackman has been sharing his workout updates on social media since he and Reynolds announced the actor had joined the cast of Deadpool 3. With Jackman’s extremely strenuous training routine documented on social media, it begs the question of how much of an impact the stressful training for Deadpool 3 will have on Jackman’s potential future as Wolverine after the film.

The 54-year-old Jackman’s return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 shows just how much the character means to the actor. Jackman first portrayed the Marvel mutant in 2000’s X-Men, and then in various timelines of X-Men films. He also starred in a solo trilogy, and now he’s jumping to the MCU with Deadpool 3. When Jackman returns as Wolverine next year, the actor will have played the character for 24 years. It could easily be that Deadpool 3 marks the end of the line for Jackman as Wolverine. Especially as it’s been almost seven years since Logan.

The actor’s gruelling physical workouts to get back into the shape he’s known for as Wolverine have been thoroughly shown on social media, with Jackman regularly sharing updates with his fans about his Deadpool 3 workouts and diet.

Hugh Jackman isn’t getting any younger, and as the MCU begins releasing projects starring its own versions of Marvel characters once on Fox in the coming years, Jackman could use Deadpool 3 as his final adventure as the character. He may decide he doesn’t want to undergo strenuous training again. However, he may also be in the mood for another re-run.

Source: Twitter

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