The Callisto Protocol: New, Dead Space-like Game Mode Is Coming With An Update!

A creepy new mode is coming to the recently released survival horror title The Callisto Protocol as part of update 5.01.



Dead Space-inspired survival horror game The Callisto Protocol is getting a new mode for carnage lovers as part of the game’s latest update, 5.01. The title is the first game from Striking Distance Studios. The lead developer is former Dead Space co-creator, Glen Schofield.

The Callisto Protocol was released in December 2022 to a mediocre reception, just over a month before EA’s highly acclaimed Dead Space remake, which received stellar reviews and stole the survival horror conversation.

Despite the less-than-favourable reception, Striking Distance continues to support Dead Space’s spiritual successor post-launch, recently adding Contagion Mode DLC. A DLC continuing the story of The Callisto Protocol is also planned for the future.

With a short trailer posted on Twitter, the creators have revealed Dismemberment Mode. This is a new game mode that will be included as part of the 5.01 update. Dynamic dismemberment was an essential element of Dead Space’s uniqueness and iconicity. It’s no surprise then that The Callisto Protocol doubles down on this with a new mode. Apparently, Dismemberment Mode allows players to instantly dismember the limbs of Biophages with melee or ranged weapons. Of course, this was already possible, but the developers promise that performing the mutilations will now be much easier and more spectacular.

It’s not yet clear whether Dismemberment Mode will be available separately from the main game, in the main menu, or if it will be something that can be turned on in the settings. Either way, players cannot unlock achievements or trophies while using the mode. This is probably because instant dismemberment will make dealing with enemies much easier and faster. Additionally, the 5.01 update allows players to skip cutscenes. Some players have requested this since the release.

Since cinematic scenes are a big part of The Callisto Protocol, it will be a big help to speedrunner players if they can skip them.

It is good to see that Striking Distance Studios continues to support The Callisto Protocol. Especially despite the game’s lukewarm launch and the high praise it received from the Dead Space remake. With these new game modes and the upcoming story DLC, perhaps the game can grow even more in the eyes of survival horror fans.

Source: Twitter

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