Both God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn Series Will be Similar to The Last of Us in One Important Thing

MOVIE NEWS – Sony has already announced that it will turn two of its popular PlayStation-exclusive games, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, into TV series. The two adaptations, like The Last of Us, will be live-action and will debut on major streaming services and will have a common feature with The Last of Us.


God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn are two games that have gained a huge fan base on the PlayStation platform. God of War was released in 2018 and follows the adventures of Kratos and his son Atreus in the world of Norse mythology. Horizon Zero Dawn was released in 2017 and tells the story of Aloy, who tries to decipher her own past in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by machines.

Sony president Jim Ryan announced during an investor briefing that both games will receive live-action series versions. God of War will run on Amazon Prime, while Horizon Zero Dawn will run on Netflix. In addition to the two series, a Gran Turismo show is being prepared for one of the platforms or channels.

Sony hasn’t revealed many details about the series, so it’s not known when filming will begin or who the cast and crew will be. Fans are already speculating who will play Kratos or Aloy. It’s also not clear how closely the series will follow the story of the games, or in what style they will be made.

However, it is clear that Asad Qizilbash, head of PlayStation Productions, does not want to deviate from the “recipe for success” of The Last of Us in the case of the next two big titles either – he talked about this in the official PlayStation Podcast. “We’re approaching it with the same care, we’re applying the same formula to Horizon and God of War that we applied to The Last of Us. We’re going to tell the stories of the games because we can because it’s a series, so we have enough time to develop it [the story], we have several episodes to make that happen. We’re not even trying to cram them into two-hour movies. At the same time, even though the audience is getting the story of the game, we’re finding ways to deepen it and delve deeper into the other characters and world-building that the games haven’t been able to do because of the action [focus] That’s what’s exciting to me: fans are going to love it because they’re going to see the game come to life, but they’re also going to get a lot of new stuff, like The Last of Us” explained Qizilbash on In Podcast.

The God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn series join Sony’s other game adaptations, such as HBO’s The Last of Us series or the Uncharted and Ghost of Tsushima movies. Sony also proves that it takes interoperability between the gaming and film industries seriously.

Source: PlayStation Podcast

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