Get Screwed, Bastards: Scalpers Can’t Sell Their PlayStation 5s!

What’s up, guys? Is the ice cream licking back? Perhaps you should not have made money in this situation so that other people could have gotten their hands on Sony’s console sooner…


The wealthier people were in the driver’s seat for nearly two years from the end of 2020. Because, yes, it takes a lot of money to accumulate a PlayStation 5 set. Put it this way. It took $10,000 to buy twenty consoles, a lot of money even in the US. And to turn a profit (and possibly buy more consoles), the scalpers are what they are: they have raised the price of the consoles significantly and greedily so that desperate buyers (looking for a console for their child, say) will pay several times the retail price just to get their hands on a PlayStation 5.

On Reddit, some information about their situation has emerged. Don’t feel sorry for the scalpers because they’ll have to eat the soup they cooked. The consoles sold through them are first-generation products. Since then, Sony has redesigned the inside of the console (making its heatsink a bit more problematic), and more than once, the first PlayStation 5s came with a DualSense in the box whose analog sticks were prone to drifting from the first use, i.e., they can be inaccurate (they go off on their own in a direction we don’t want them to go).

They’re also trying to sell the God of War: Ragnarök bundle. Still, they’re not having much success, as Sony was already kicking themselves at the end of last year when they announced that they had overcome the stock shortage (we think the price hike they did in the autumn had something to do with it…). You can buy this pack in stores in the US for $510 instead of the previous $560. According to TheGamer, eBay listings for the PlayStation 5 range from $450-490, and the latter now includes a game continuing the story of Kratos and Atreus. One of them listed a smaller than the actual price just to lure customers in. Old habits die hard…

Maybe next time, they shouldn’t rip other people off like that.

Source: WCCFTech

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