Sony Games On Steam Got A Price Hike In Several Regions!

Even if Sony explained it by eliminating VPNs, people born in a bad place can now pay up to twice as much for their games as they should have…


According to SteamDB, Sony is charging more for PC ports of PlayStation games in several places, with God of War, Returnal, Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel’s Spider-Man now more expensive in Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Japan, Canada, and China. Price increases that never affect countries such as Mexico, Australia, and the seemingly never-affected United States can be as high as 26%.

Canada will have to pay 65-80 CAD instead of the current 60-70 CAD, Argentina 8500-10000 instead of 4200-6000 pesos, Chile 35000-42000 instead of 33000-39500 pesos, China 345-414 RMB instead of 279-379, Colombia 184000-219000 pesos instead of 159000-194000, Japan 6490-7590 yen instead of 4900-6490, while South Korea has been quoted around 52800-62800 instead of 45880-58800 won.

Serkan Toto, an analyst, used to predict that not all studios were raising prices to keep up with development costs, so there is a good chance everyone will push prices up during 2023, and it will affect hardware and subscription services. Sony is, of course, profoundly silent. It did, however, manage to announce that the price of the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition had been increased in several regions (Europe got hit by a €50 hike). All it does is that people who live in South America, for example, can now facepalm in disappointment if they were planning to buy God of War 2018, but by the time they had the money, Sony had raised the prices.

And in the meantime, the PlayStation 5 is already ahead of PlayStation 4 in terms of adjusted lifetime performance, even though you have to pay more for the console. What kind of twisted world are we living in?

Source: WCCFTech

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