Dead Island 2: The Game Inspired This Rare & Morbid Idea From A British Insurance Company!

A UK insurance company is offering a Dead Island 2-themed life insurance package for a cool £8,000.



A British insurance company is now offering a Dead Island 2 life insurance policy that will pay bereaved friends if they travel to Los Angeles for a zombie wake.

As reported by VGC, Dead Happy life insurance company, which offers a variety of life insurance packages (some stranger than others), is offering the game-inspired package for £8,000.

“Send your mates to the real LA for a zombie cocktail fuelled party before it goes to hell,” reads the description of the policy. “A wake to end all wakes, in your honour.”

The package also covers funeral expenses and a booze cruise. In its offer, the company stresses that “we should all die responsibly”. However, Dead Happy makes it clear that it cannot force anyone’s friends to travel to LA. This Dead Island 2 package, along with the rest of the company’s offerings, is just a wish or a suggestion.

While some of the packages called Deathwishes are relatively straightforward, such as leaving money to a charity or paying off debts, others fall more into the bizarre category. These include sending your ashes into space and having a bronze statue of yourself made.

Even if we liked the game, we are not sure we would accept this offer. How about you – would you travel to Los Angeles for a zombie vigil? (Without real zombies, which is, admittedly, sad…)

Source: VGC

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