Super Mario Bros. Movie: Shocking Appearance Of The Film – Huge Scandal Coming!

MOVIE NEWS – An Argentinian TV channel aired the Super Mario Bros. movie in its entirety, not once, but for days!



Super Mario Bros. Movie is still months away from being released on TV or streaming. Because the recently released movie is still making money at the box office. For now, it’s not worth it for the distributor to take it off the air. Especially not to make it available to the masses for free. So, if you want to see the film, you’ll have to go to the cinemas… unless you live in Argentina.

We don’t know how it happened, but believe it or not, an Argentinian TV channel (GenTV) played Super Mario Bros. for a week after it was released! Not just snippets but from beginning to end, as it should be. Just to be clear, this was not approved in any way, shape or form by anyone associated with the film. All of this means that the TV channel will no doubt face heavy fines.

Obviously, broadcasting the film on TV will cause even more significant problems for Illumination and Nintendo. This is because a high-quality copy of the film has been put on the Internet. This is a nightmare situation for the two companies, and serious legal action is certain to be taken in the near future.

Source: The Game Spoof

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