Former Possessed Girl Also Stars in the New Exorcist Film

MOVIE NEWS – Linda Blair also stars in the new Exorcist film, almost fifty years after she played Regan MacNeil, the little girl possessed by Evil, in the original film. His play was nominated for an Oscar. Blair only got a small role in the new film, but a member of the production revealed that she also helped the crew as a consultant.


The new Exorcist is the first part of a planned trilogy, directed by David Gordon Green, who in recent years has made Halloween he created a successful trilogy by reviving the franchise. The current production, similar to the last Halloween films, is a reboot and a continuation at the same time. This is how one of the main characters became Ellen Burstyn, who played the little girl’s mother in the original film and was also nominated for an Oscar for her performance.

The career of Linda Blair, who is now 64 years old, would otherwise deserve a separate film, a real rollercoaster with serious successes and sad lows, in addition to being a horror movie icon, she was also a sex symbol and equestrian. while she was nominated five times for worst actress. Staying with the genre just discussed: he was the main character in the sequel to The Exorcist, which was a big failure (The Exorcist 2 – The Heretic), he starred in Leslie Nielsen’s in a parody (Bújj, bújj, érdög!) as well as in the Blair Witch Project parody, the Blair Bitch Project, marketed here under the title Nervousness.

(Exorcist – domestic release: October 12, 2003.)

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