The Prequel of A Quiet Place is Ready

MOVIE NEWS – The horror film: A Quiet Place became a trilogy. The first, low-budget production brought in a total of 341 million dollars five years ago, and of course the sequel followed, and the recently completed opus – A Quiet Place: Day One – tells the story.


The main character of the 2008 blockbuster was the married couple Emily BluntJohn Krasinski, the duties of the director and one of the screenwriters were also It was supplied by Krasinki. He was no longer in the sequel, but the previous protagonists were, while he continued to write the film as director and screenwriter. Krasinski is still the screenwriter and producer of the part that has just been completed.

The protagonist of A Quiet Place: Day One is a serious name, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’O ( 12 years of slavery), who is also the star of Black Panther 1-2, and played Maz Katana in the latest episode of Star Wars. Continuity with the previous part is ensured by the two-time Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond, in America), playing the nameless islander. The film also stars Joseph Quinn, who was popular in Stranger Things.

The story of the new Soundless can only be known as much as the title reveals, that is, the action takes place during the arrival of sound-sensitive alien creatures.

(A Quiet Place: Day One – domestic release: March 7, 2024.)

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