Scream 6: Could This Character Be Ghostface In The Seventh Movie?!

MOVIE NEWS – Sam Carpenter is the new “last girl,” in Scream 6, but in the seventh episode he may give in to his dark side and go the villain route to become Ghostface. (WARNING, spoiler alert if you haven’t seen all the Scream movies!)



Scream 7 will have perhaps the craziest twist yet: the last daughter of Scream 6, Sam Carpenter, will be the Ghostface killer! The Scream franchise has already had many shocking revelations. In the first Scream, Sidney felt safe, so when her boyfriend Billy Loomis was revealed to be the killer, along with Stu Maher, it was a shocking reveal. Arguably the biggest twist was Scream 4, which apparently made Sidney’s cousin Jill Roberts the new final girl. All this only to end up being the actual Ghostface.

Scream 3 also had a shocking Ghostface reveal, though it was more confusing than satisfying: Sidney’s illegitimate brother was Ghostface, and he revealed himself as the mastermind behind the previous Scream murders.

This was undoubtedly a surprise, though it caused more plot holes than excitement. There were many theories that Sam would become Ghostface at some point in the franchise. Scream 5 and Scream 6 also hinted at a potential killer. Scream 7 would be the perfect opportunity for Sam to come to terms with his true identity and take on the role of the Ghostface killer.



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Why Sam? Here are some warning signs


In Scream 5, it was revealed that Sam is Billy’s illegitimate daughter, and throughout Scream 5 and Scream 6, she has regular visions of Billy talking to her. If Billy is capable of killing as many people as he does, so is his daughter. Sam struggled with her identity because of her relationship with Billy; in several scenes, she tried to convince him that she was a killer too.

At the end of Scream 5, Sam brutally stabs his friend Richie Kirsch when he introduces himself as Ghostface. Although his actions are excused as self-defence, as Richie has been trying to kill him and his friends throughout the film, Sam looks pretty passionate when he kills Richie. He apparently stabs him more times than Ghostface stabbed his victims.

In Scream 6, Sam talks to his therapist about how it felt good to kill Richie, and that he fears he will be like his father.

Sam’s sister, Tara, is also worried about how much Sam is excited about killing. When he and Tara defeat Detective Bailey at the end of the film, Sam expresses the same excitement he felt when he killed his son Richie. This time, Sam dons the Ghostface costume, hinting that he will act as Ghostface in the future. Then he stabs the detective the same way he stabbed Richie to death. Sam seems pleased with his work, while his brother looks horrified, realizing what Sam is capable of.


Betrayal and return – the logical sequel to Scream 6


The best Ghostface killers have always been the ones that seem to be the biggest betrayals. In Scream, Sidney thought he could trust his friend Billy and their close pal Stu. So it was a shock when it turned out they were the culprits. Sidney felt incredibly betrayed that the people he thought he could trust were trying to kill him. It was even worse when Billy confessed that he was the one who had actually killed his mother.

Scream 4 was also bad, as Jill was Sidney’s cousin, and to have a family member try to kill her was even more telling than her boyfriend.

Sam as the Ghostface killer in Scream 7, would beat out the previous films. Sam is tied to the core four, as they all survived the first two murders. They became close, and he and Tara made a dynamic duo. They leaned on each other to get through the murders. If Sam were Ghostface, it would tear the group apart. This could be the ultimate betrayal.



MOZI HÍREK - A Sikoly VI sztárja, Jenna Ortega szerint a slasher folytatásban "nagyon zsigeri" haláljelenetek lesznek az új Ghostface jóvoltából.



With Sidney gone, Scream 6 officially passed the baton to Sam to be the new final girl. Although fans of the franchise missed Sidney, the film still did well. The plot worked perfectly, proving that Sidney was unnecessary for the franchise to continue. However, the franchise will need a new final girl if Sam is going to be Ghostface.

Tara is next in line, as Scream 6 established her and Sam as the final girls, but the film still didn’t focus on Tara as much as Sam.

Tara may not be able to carry the movie on her own. But the makers know Sidney can carry it because he’s done it so many times before. If Sam was Ghostface, Sidney could be the final girl again. She should come back, too, because no one but Gale knows how to fight so many villains. Sam would be a strong Scream 7 Ghostface because Billy is his father, so the characters would need someone like Sidney to help. This would also bring the franchise full circle since Sidney already fought Billy in the first movie.

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