Fallout 4: Latest Proof Of How Stunningly Realistic The Game Is!

In an interesting coincidence, a Fallout 4 fan inherited a table that looks almost exactly like the one in the game.



It’s a strange coincidence that a Fallout 4 fan has inherited a table that looks eerily similar to one in the game.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4, released in 2015, has provided many fans of the series with years of exploration in the post-apocalyptic setting of the world it depicts.

Many fans of the series love the games for their incredible attention to detail. In addition to Bethesda’s trademark detail and expansive maps, Fallout 4 is also valued for its aesthetic. It’s a beautifully believable retro-futuristic style that evokes the 1950s despite the game being set in the future. From the clothing to the decor, Fallout games are clearly inspired by this period. And a particular player’s newly inherited piece of furniture would fit perfectly into the franchise.

While researching the game via Dunwich Borers, a Reddit user going by the name CalyxCell shared a comparison image of a table in the game and a table he recently inherited. The table in the game and the table the player inherited are almost identical. The two pieces of retro furniture are so obviously similar that CalyxCell had no choice but to share the comparison on a subreddit.

In the comments of CalyxCell’s post, a history buff said that this furniture is a so-called typewriter desk. CalyxCell found this information interesting because the grandmother from whom they inherited the desk was an accountant. So it makes sense that their relative had a typewriter desk.

Others who commented on the post also mentioned how these fine details add to the realism of Fallout 4, which is why so many players love the game.

Even after all these years, Fallout 4 remains a favourite RPG title for many gamers thanks to its rich and detailed world. The design makes the game lifelike and believable. Thanks to details like this particular desk, it shows just how much effort Bethesda put into the game’s development. It’s one of the reasons why so many gamers spend so much time with Bethesda RPGs. It’s no secret that the studio puts a lot of time and effort into the world of its games. The discovery of CalyxCell is a perfect example of this attention to detail.

Source: Reddit

Not terribly notable, but I found a table in Dunwich Borers that looks a lot like a table from the 50’s that I inherited (needs beer bottles)
by u/calyxcell in fo4

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