PlayStation VR2: Finally Some Good News For Fans Of Virtual Reality Sets!

TECH NEWS – Updates to PlayStation VR2 could be great for PlayStation gamers and even change the VR platform’s landscape.



PlayStation VR2 will be available in local stores soon. This could be excellent news for those who want to get their hands on the new VR headset. According to Sony’s financial reports, the PS VR2 is currently experiencing disappointing sales. This move could help the company to push the product forward and achieve the expected results.

As of the end of March, less than 300,000 units of PS VR 2 had been sold, compared to Sony’s expectations of selling 2 million units in that period and compared with the success of the first PS VR model.

The launch looks like a financial disaster at the moment. It was even originally suggested that the success of PS5 could have paved the way for a promising PS VR2 debut. However, the reality is that the market is struggling, probably due to the high price of the headset, which retails for $550. Also, because of how slowly VR adoption is happening.

Now Sony has announced that local retailers will soon be selling PS VR2 headsets. However, how many stores will get the products in the coming weeks is unknown. According to the announcement, gamers should check with their local stores for product availability.

This change could potentially turn sales around. It will make it easier for all Sony fans to get their hands on the device from a games store near their home. However, this is far from a guarantee of financial success. Recently, there have even been rumours that Sony might cut back on PlayStation VR2 headsets. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for example, has suggested that Sony is making fewer units and cutting back production by up to 20%.

According to Kuo, all VR devices are not selling very well at the moment, which is why they are far from the “star product” many companies thought they would be.

However, these rumours have not been confirmed by Sony. Despite the initial poor launch, PS VR2 currently has a solid games list. Some of the most immersive PS VR2 games include Horizon Call of the Mountain, Kayak VR: Mirage and Gran Turismo 7. So PlayStation gamers who don’t already own the headset could potentially have a pretty good and varied experience, especially if they don’t already have another VR device.

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