An Apple Ex-Employee Faces Jail And A Substantial Debt For Tax Fraud!

In this case, at least we can understand the enormous debt in addition to the jail, while in the Gary Bowser-Nintendo case, this situation can be called inhumane.


After pleading guilty, Dhirendra Prasad, who worked for Apple’s global service supply chain, was convicted of fraud in March 2022. He cheated to seventeen million dollars, and the latest verdict is that Prasad will have to pay back what he stole from Apple for the rest of his life, in addition to the prison sentence, and the IRS will also have to be paid.

Prasad faces three years behind bars and more than nineteen million dollars in total repayments to Apple and the IRS. The US Attorney’s Office wrote about the case, “Dhirendra Prasad was sentenced to serve three years in prison and ordered to pay $19,270,683 in restitution for conspiring to defraud Apple, Inc., of millions of dollars and for related tax crimes, announced United States Attorney Ismail J. Ramsey and Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) Special Agent in Charge Darren Lian.”

Apple demands $17398104 from Prasad, while the IRS requires $1872579. However, he didn’t commit the crime alone, as Robert Gary Hansen and Don M. Baker helped him. They both pleaded guilty and were sentenced. The three of them set up a shell company to launder the millions of dollars: “Prasad exploited his position and conspired with two separate Apple vendors to defraud Apple by taking kickbacks, stealing parts, inflating invoices, and causing Apple to pay for items and services it never received – resulting in a loss to Apple of more than $17,000,000. In addition to engaging in two separate criminal conspiracies with Apple vendors, Prasad acknowledged that he evaded tax on the proceeds of his schemes,” the attorney’s office added.

Prasad has an additional debt of $5491713 worth of assets he bought from his illegal activities, which he has now forfeited. He owes a further $8133005 because he started cheating three years after joining Apple in 2011… (he worked there from 2008 to 2018)

Source: WCCFTech

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