Ben Affleck Finally Reveals Why He Quit Batman! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Ben Affleck appeared at “SnyderCon” and revealed a few things about why he dropped out of the solo Batman movie.



In one branch of the multiverse, DC fans got to see Ben Affleck portray Batman in his own solo film, as well as several other Zack Snyder projects. In our reality, however, the chances of seeing Batfleck in his own movie again have been slim for some time. Of course, fans still refuse to let go of the Snyderverse. Because of this, Affleck is still discussing what could have been in various interviews. The last time the Air actor talked about his role as Batman was at Sunday’s SnyderCon event.

During a Q&A with the screening, Affleck was asked about his plans for a solo Batman movie and what the film could have included.

The actor revealed a few details about his approach to the film and why he was pulling out of it. Here’s what he said:

“There was a whole elaborate plan, which would take up too much time now, and some of which I may have forgotten. I always liked that character, and talked to Zack about that. My plan for continuing on in this character, a certain point I got to and kind of found that I thought I wasn’t really, you know … I just felt like I wasn’t quite sure if it worked or jived. I felt like if you have a character like this, and you kind of take that on, you want to go forward, you better really be sure and understand it and be confident. And certainly, as a director, you have to be the last person interested in the movie when everyone else is really bored, doesn’t want to watch it again, is sick of it, and is exhausted by the whole process. I have held myself to this kind of metric where if I’m not really sure I see the precise location or target that I want to hit, I’m not sure I can hit it, but I want to at least know exactly what I’m aiming for.”

Although he has been repeatedly said to be done playing Batman, Ben Affleck once reprised his role as the Dark Knight. He’ll don the cape and cowl again this summer in The Flash. But rumour has it his role in the film will be a small one.

There are also rumours that he may make what appears to be his final appearance in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but there is still no confirmation on this.

James Gunn and Peter Safran are wholly set to dive into the new DCU after the release of the Aquaman sequel. It seems likely that this year Affleck will finally hang up his Batman boots for good. In the meantime, DC fans should be prepared to welcome another actor to the dual role of Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter ego shortly.

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