Blizzard Made An Oopsie With Diablo IV’s Collector’s Edition! [VIDEO]

We don’t mean that the package doesn’t have the disc or the code for the game (why is it a trend nowadays to splash out on the most expensive edition of the game…?).


There is a collector’s edition of Diablo IV. Its box has the words “do not ship before June 1” in large, legible letters. Today is May 3, and there’s a video of someone unboxing it because they got it from Blizzard. Now, either you don’t know the months of the year, or you’re lucky because the game is still more than a month away. Since several people have made videos about it, we’d go for the former option: we suggest the Blizzard employee buys a calendar! (Maybe it should have said NOT TO OPEN before June 1, but it’s not there, so it’s Blizzard’s fault.)

The collector’s edition of Diablo IV (which costs €110 in Europe) comes with a “Candle of creation,” an occult mouse pad, a cloth Sanctuary map, the Horadrim pin, the hardcover art book, and two ~47.1 x ~27.4 cm pictures for that money, but as the online store points out, the game is not included in the package. The bundle is excellent and looks good (it fits the franchise’s style), but it’s a bit sad that Blizzard is sparing the game. If you add postage, VAT, etc., to the price of the collector’s edition, you can spend up to 200 euros if you want the game.

So Blizzard has lifted its embargo (congratulations on that), but let’s not forget that on May 12, there will be a Diablo 4 beta test open to everyone, which Blizzard is running to check the stability of the servers. We’re betting that the first day will be a crapshoot. And Diablo IV will launch on June 6 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: PCGamer

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