Are PlayStation 5 Pro Devkits Heading To Developers?

It’s also why we don’t understand Sony’s ambition to sell a record number of PlayStation 5s.


Although we have seen examples of three different console versions on the market and still seeing great sales (Nintendo Switch), there is no significant difference in performance. Still, in terms of half-generation updates, it is possible to say that the later console is more powerful than the base model (as we have seen with PlayStation 4/PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One/Xbox One X).

Tom Henderson reported in March that Sony was allegedly already working on the PlayStation 5 Pro, which he said would hit stores in late 2024. He later mentioned other new hardware (Q-Lite handheld, which will be for Remote Play only, and PlayStation 5 Slim, presumably without a built-in Blu-ray drive). He has since learned more and written about it.

According to Henderson, the PlayStation 5 Pro is 100% in development, and within a few months, members of PlayStation Studios, the in-house, first-party studios, will receive the console’s development kit. External, third-party developers can expect devkits later, as usual. It will lead to the release in the fourth quarter of 2024 (October-December). We dread to think how much they’ll be asking for it, and we wonder if Sony might not consider bringing the price of the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, the PS5 with the optical drive, back down to €500 before then? If we had to guess how much Sony would charge for the PlayStation 5 Pro, we would say €700, maybe €800.

It is all unofficial, of course. In any case, we would remind you that three years have elapsed between the launch of the basic PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro. If what Henderson says is true, that would mean four years between the launch of the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the Blu-ray drive-saving PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and the PlayStation 5 Pro. It could suggest that Sony might be planning a slightly longer console generation. But it looks like Sony is preparing an adaptive, customizable controller: Project Leonardo is allegedly launching at the end of the year.

Source: WCCFTech

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