This Resident Evil 4 Fan Pays Tribute To The Game In A Creative Way!

The combination of LEGO and Resident Evil 4 may not be obvious, but one fan has impressively combined the two worlds…



One particular fan decided to show his commitment to Resident Evil 4. Using LEGOs, he created something that impressed the gaming community.

The Resident Evil 4 remake was released on March 23rd and offers players an updated gameplay experience with new features, animations and mechanics in addition to the stunning graphics, downloadable content and game modes that were included in the previous game’s release.

Some fans have been so enthusiastic about the game that they have begun asking for one of its features to be included in a possible remake of Resident Evil 5. The release of the remake has brought back player interest in the franchise. Now many are waiting for new announcements.

A Reddit user named Hachiroku24 shared a stunning piece of artwork. He based it on a scene that many players will instantly recognise. According to the post, the user has created a LEGO diorama of Resident Evil 4’s village, complete with several iconic buildings and parts. The stunning diorama depicts one of the game’s huts, the clock tower and that colossal bonfire. The diorama also features Leon, some of the villagers and even the game’s chainsaw-wielding foe.

The Reddit post has also attracted the gaming community’s attention, with over four thousand upvotes and over fifty comments at the time of writing. Many Reddit users were impressed by the artwork. Some even encouraged the creator to share it on the LEGO subreddit. It’s not the first time a fan has created something incredible inspired by the game.

Many gamers have tested their creative skills by making things based on the game, and it seems that gamers are not stopping with the creation.

The Resident Evil 4 remake was one of the most anticipated games of 2023. Many horror fans had high expectations, as another horror remake was recently released. The remake of Dead Space came out in January and was well received. This has prompted gamers to make comparisons between games since its release. The community well received both games. So horror fans have plenty of choices when it comes to trying out a new horror game.

Source: Reddit

I made a diorama of Resident Evil 4 with Lego
by u/hachiroku24 in gaming

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