Street Fighter 6: Open Beta Announced – Here’s When It Starts! [VIDEO]

A month before its release, Capcom announced an open beta period for Street Fighter 6 so all players can test their skills before buying.



As the release of Street Fighter 6 approaches, Capcom has announced that it will soon be holding an open beta test. This will be available for all prospective players to download and try before launch. The announcement comes months after the game’s second closed beta test ended. That version included several features that players well received compared to its predecessors.

As the next instalment in Capcom’s long-running fighting game series, Street Fighter 6 is expected to perform better than its much-criticised predecessor, Street Fighter 5.

Recently, Capcom released a free single-player game demo for PS4 and PS5 players. But the open beta will offer significantly more content to try out, and not just in single-player mode.

The Street Fighter 6 open beta will start on Friday, 19 May, at 07:00 UTC and is scheduled to end on Monday, 22 May, at around 07:00 UTC. This means that the open beta will only be available for 72 hours. Interested players will be able to download the open beta ahead of time on Tuesday, 16 May, at 7:00 UTC. Unlike the game’s previous two closed beta tests, the open beta will include crossplay. This will allow PS5, Xbox and Steam players to play against each other. PS4 players will have to wait until the game’s full release. Unfortunately, they will not participate in the open beta. However, the open beta will include the character builder, the combat hub and the same eight fighters featured in the second closed beta.

Among the available fighters are long-time fan favourite Ryu and newcomer Luke, who is prominently featured on the game’s cover.

The Street Fighter 6 open beta will require 25 GB of storage space. For comparison, the second closed beta test required 42 GB. The full release of the game will be 60 GB. Once the pre-downloads become available later this month, players should have the space they need to play on their preferred platform. They will also need to link their Capcom ID to their chosen system.

Capcom said on its website that maintenance periods may occur during the open beta. It has asked players to monitor social media for anything that happens. The upcoming release, the open beta and the game’s single-player demo have considerably ramped up the hype. We’ll see how much this shows up in sales.


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