Cillian Murphy always wanted to be Oppenheimer

MOVIE NEWS – Being a dramatic actor is sometimes also a drama in private life, not only when you have to put yourself in someone’s shoes. Cillian Murphy, who is one of Christopher Nolan’s favorite actors, felt the same way, the director has already played five times in his films (Dark Knight Trilogy, Origins, Dunkirk), but he never found a leading role that is every actor’s dream.



“I kept telling Chris, publicly and privately, that if he has a role for me and I get it right, he can count on me, it doesn’t matter how big the task is,” the Irish actor recently told to The Associated Press. “But deep down, I really wanted him to give me the lead role.” Then Chris suddenly said in his understated English way: ‘Look, I’ve written a screenplay about Oppenheimer. I wish you were Oppenheimer.’ I made my day.”

Nolan’s latest film is about the father of the atomic bomb, who rewrote modern history, and in the director’s reading, the scientist rearranged our entire world forever by creating the weapon of mass destruction. The processing of the theme, which seems dry at first sight, promises to be one of the biggest and most spectacular cinema sensations of the summer, because Nolan dreamed up the story for the screen in IMAX format. The director is the fiercest opponent of streaming, in his opinion, the real cinema experience can only be effective on a screen the size of a tennis court, and he has done this to support his opinion.

(Oppenheimer – domestic premiere: July 13, 2023)

Source: UIP

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