Winnie-The-Pooh Returns In A Horror Game?! [VIDEO]

A new and unexpected twist on the Winnie the Pooh franchise turns the beloved children’s tale into a mysterious survival horror game.



Hundred Acre Wood is the title of an upcoming indie horror game. The game will transform the beloved children’s book character Winnie the Pooh into a nightmarish monster that players must escape from in the iconic Hundred Acre Wood. The honey-loving bear and his friends’ unexpected twist will be released on Steam. A new trailer for the game promises an entirely unique approach to the children’s tale.

Pooh is known to many as an innocent children’s book character who lives a simple life, loves honey and spends time with his best friend, Piglet and his human companion, Christopher Robin.

Pooh is seen as a purely positive and cheerful character for those who grew up with the story. But recent Winnie the Pooh adaptations have turned the story on its head. After a contemporary horror film adaptation of the heartwarming character, the imaginative Blood and Honey, it was only a matter of time before Pooh got the same treatment with a video game.

In Hundred Acre Wood, players are tasked with surviving in a once peaceful forest, now corrupted by a mysterious force from another world. It’s not the first time the Wood has appeared in games, but we’ve never seen it in such horror survival FPS form.

According to the trailer shown on Steam, the game will feature several survival scenarios and mysteries to uncover. Our goal is to find out why the Wood has become such a dark place. The game will also feature familiar characters from the franchise. For example, the presence of Piglet and Eeyore has already been confirmed. These iterations of the characters are sure to completely redefine the iconic appearances that many are already familiar with.

For those awaiting the release of the various 2023 horror titles, a release date for Hundred Acre Wood has not yet been announced, but according to the official Steam page, it will be arriving soon.

There are many great and unique games coming to Steam. Hundred Acre Wood could be a title that horror and indie fans will want to add to their wish lists. True, the premise seems a little bizarre. But maybe it’s just weird enough to make the developers go all out and present one of the biggest upcoming horror indie surprises.

Source: Steam

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